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Here’s the 9 Beautiful Kitchen Trends To Watch For In 2016

When you plan to remodel or go for a complete makeover of your kitchen, it’s a good idea to search for some hot and popular kitchen design ideas booming in the kitchen world. Today I would like you to know about the steaming hot kitchen design ideas that look gorgeously beautiful and are functional as well. So let’s study about them in detail:

Modern Kitchen Design

Modern Kitchen
Modern Kitchen

Behind every ultra modern kitchen, two words i.e. sleek and slick are always there. Industrial look kitchen is one of the most popular and trending kitchen designs these days as it is perfect to showcase a professional look. Coming to the modern kitchen design, stainless steel cooking utensils and appliances steal the show where the countertops are crafted of stone. For flooring, none other than concrete or slate can work best while for the countertops, granite sometimes dominates stone.

The modern kitchen design is both functional and aesthetically appealing plus the materials used in the designing are of high quality and resistant to damages or stains. Such materials are easy to maintain and clean while keeping the kitchen highly attractive and functional both at the same time.

Country Kitchen Design

Other than country design, many other designs are in the queue. A country kitchen design is a perfect amalgam of warmth and welcoming feelings so that anyone coming in the kitchen feels cared for.

The environment of a country kitchen largely depends upon the materials that are incorporated in it. In this type of design, usually wrought iron and wooden utensils are used like bowls, plates, cup and saucer, ceramics and tapestries etc. Many modern kitchen designs look stylish with hardwood paneling but country kitchen designs look perfect if they have earthy tones of material and deep rich colors.

Small Kitchen Design

Gone are the days when people use to have big kitchens in houses. Now small kitchens are the first choice of every household as the houses are small to handle big kitchens. But not to worry!! You can easily optimize a small kitchen according to your likes and tastes. More than the designing thing, your main focus should be on customizing the kitchen in a way that makes you cool comfortably without any clutter or mess.

To make the most out of the kitchen space, use hooks to hang utensils, spoons, forks, knives and anything like that. It will save your storage space for other things and free up the counter for cooking. To have a compact cleaning area, go for only one sink and use the extra space to keep oven and microwave. Next, cabinets are a good option to keep the utensils and appliances.

Once you get a functional kitchen, more factors can be considered like aesthetics that make the kitchen look beautiful and spacious than it actually is. Consider mirrored backdrops to enhance the look and space, pastel colored furniture and appliances are a good go-go to reduce cluttered appearance. Let’s go trendy by converting the kitchen into a focal point of your home:

Go Artistic

Artistic Kitchen
Artistic Kitchen

Kitchens are no more a boring area of the house that was limited only to cooking. Today’s kitchens are modern with enhanced appearance and artistic elements are incorporated to broaden the array. You can beautifully add art and creativity to the cooking space ranging from modern design to country design to small design. Have a small kitchen? Don’t worry. Just remove the partition or divider to make it open to the living room thus eliminating end-to-end counter look.

Give Up the Wood

While wood will be the most used material to build cabinets and never get out of style but today’s modern trends are catching up to leave the wood behind. May be the material used will be wood, but the shine and polish should be such that no one can guess what exactly your cabinet is made of… Today’s trends give a metal appearance to the finished product even if it’s not!!


Wow that’s great!! I would love to embrace technology in the kitchen. Why not having a TV installed into the cabinets or refrigerators to break the monotony while cooking? Don’t get surprised either. Yeah, with the newer technology, it can be done easily. While remodeling your kitchen, add technological advancements and look something unique and exceptional. Go for lighting options to add glamour and make your kitchen a technological marvel in little investment.

Go Colorful

Add beautiful colors in the kitchen cabinets, walls and appliances too. Bright tiles and glass backsplashes look stunning when the walls are painted with colorful paints. Blues, greens and deep reds are making their nice way out to the modern kitchens that perfectly showcase your lifestyle and personality. If you are not much lover of colors, consider adding knobs or pulls in nice colors to your cabinets and utensils. Let your personality reflect in your kitchen design.

Glass and Metal


Glass tiles are a nice addition to the kitchen backsplash instead of ceramic tiles. Glass has been successful in reaching out to kitchens due to the look it exudes. It can be added in various ways like glass fronts of the cabinets or glass windows. Ceiling lights also look dazzling if made of glass and attract the eyes of people immediately. If you worry about the contents placed in the cabinets getting showed off, go for etched panes while they add an airy touch of glass.


Consider adding the kitchen necessities in the design. They can be anything like strainers, coffee makers, wine racks, microwaves, spice holders and knife racks etc. They must get some space in the kitchen design so as to keep the space look clean and enhanced. Racks and holders keep the things intact and you don’t have to worry about putting things away after every use. Just open the rack and here you go!!

If you are not sure of what to do with your kitchen design, hire some professional kitchen designer and get your space customized accordingly.