Best Meat Grinder: Your Comprehensive Guide to Buying

Do you love spending time in the kitchen? Would you rather make your own food than settle with the processed ones that are low in terms of nutritional value? Are you interested in experimenting with different recipes using ground meat as the main ingredient? In all of these instances, you will surely benefit from having the best meat grinder for your kitchen.

While a meat grinder can indeed prove to be a functional addition in the kitchen, the problem, however, is the fact that they are not all created the same. With such, keep on reading and learn from our recommendations on some of the top picks, which have been well-received in various meat grinder reviews. We will also provide you with some practical insights on the different factors that you should consider to make a well-informed decision.

Top 5 Meat Grinder On Market 2016

Top Picks for the Best Meat Grinder

We have evaluated some of the best choices in the market and we went through a variety of meat grinder reviews. From our evaluation, the following are some of the products that we are highly recommending.

1. STX International STX-3000-TF Electric Meat Grinder

Power is perhaps the most significant reason why we believe this is going to make an excellent choice for the best meat grinder.

It has a motor that can deliver up to 3,000 watts of power, which means that grinding should never be a hard task. In addition, it is also a good thing that it offers versatility as it can be operated in three different speeds.

When it comes to durability, this is going to be an option that is hard, or almost impossible to match.

It has a body that is made from cast aluminum, providing it with an appealing look that can withstand the test of time, even if it is going to be used frequently.

Editor Rating:

This meat grinder can provide the best value for money because it already comes with several accessories. From the box, aside from the main unit, it also contains cutting blades, stuffing tubes, and grinding plates.

For safety, it is designed with a circuit breaker, which will turn the machine off automatically if there is any problem, and hence, prolonging the functional life of its motor.

Things We Liked

  • Easy to use
  • Powerful motor
  • Efficient design

Things We Didn't Like

  • Some parts are not dishwasher-safe
  • Some gears are made from flimsy plastic

2. Sunmile SM-G31 ETL Meat Grinder

In many meat grinder reviews, this model has been well-received because of its power.

It may not be as powerful as the model that has been previously mentioned, but it is sure to not disappoint when it comes to performance. It has the ability to handle up to 800 watts at no load.

More so, the sturdy construction of this meat grinder is another thing that we would like to highlight.

The head and the tray are made from heavy-duty aluminum, which will surely last long. The die cast aluminum is worth commending not only because of being durable, but also because of being lightweight.

Editor Rating:

Right when it is taken out of the box, there is no need to sweat on its assembly. Even if you have never used a meat grinder before, you will surely be happy to know that it is a breeze to operate this powerful machine.

With the use of this product, you can grind about 150 pounds of meat in one hour.

When you are finished using this meat grinder, you can clean it easily. With such, it will be a snap to maintain its best quality.

Things We Liked

  • Durable body
  • Easy to assemble
  • Space-saving design

Things We Didn't Like

  • No reverse function
  • Can be discolored overtime

3. Sunmile SM-G33 ETL Meat Grinder

With 800 watts of maximum power output and 400 watts of power, this is another option that can prove to be promising for the best meat grinder. At such power, it can grind up to 170 pounds of meat in one hour.

The grinder comes with a body that is wrapped in stainless steel. Form the first glance, you will easily be captivated because of its appealing looks.

Nonetheless, this machine goes beyond aesthetics as it is also powerful and durable, which are two of the most important things in meat grinders.

Editor Rating:

When it comes to being user-friendly, it is also going to be hard to rival. It is designed in such a way that it can be friendly even for beginners. There are no numerous buttons that can make the machine complicated. The addition of a reverse function is also a good thing as it can prevent clogging of the ingredients.

Do not be easily fooled by its name. Yes, it is called a meat grinder, but that does not mean that its function is limited to grinding meat. Many users have used it for grinding nuts, among others, and reported the same high-level functionality.

Things We Liked

  • Practical price
  • Lightweight design
  • Reverse button

Things We Didn't Like

  • Quality is inconsistent
  • Some parts are plastic

4. Sunmile SM-G73 ETL Meat Grinder

Are you looking for a grinding machine that can deliver exceptional power? There is no need to look any further as this will prove to be an ideal choice.

The motor can deliver up to 1,000 watts of power at maximum while the rated output is 600 watts. At such capacity, it can grind up to 185 pounds of meat in just an hour.

Among others, one feature that makes it worth of being considered as an ideal choice for the best meat grinder is its reverse function.

This means that clogging can be easily prevented as you can set it to reverse in a snap.

Editor Rating:

At its price, you can say that this is going to provide the best bang for the buck because there are already several accessories that are included. The box comes with cutting blade, plastic food pusher, sausage attachments, and cutting plates.

In many meat grinder reviews, we have also noticed that there are a lot of people who expressed words of praises with regards to its low noise. Say goodbye to annoying meat grinders that produce an irritating noise when being operated.

Things We Liked

  • Low noise
  • UL and ISO9001-certified
  • Powerful motor

Things We Didn't Like

  • Lack of comprehensive instructions
  • Has plastic parts

5. Waring MG105 Professional Meat Grinder

This meat grinder has a body that is housed in brushed stainless steel, providing such with a unique appeal. The meat hopper, on the other hand, is made from die cast metal. Meanwhile, the gears are made from plastic.

The motor of this meat grinder has a power of 500 watts. Compared to the meat grinders that we have mentioned earlier, this is one of the least powerful. With such, this will be the perfect choice for grinding meat in smaller quantities.

To provide you with the benefit of flexibility, there are three cutting plates that are included. You can choose from fine, medium, and coarse, depending on the output that is anticipated.

Editor Rating:

If you are a beginner, you will also appreciate this machine and will be easily convinced that this is indeed a perfect choice for the best meat grinder. It has a single on/off button, which contributes to its ease of operation. All that you have to do is to place the meat in the hopper, turn on the switch, and wait until you have your ground meat.

Things We Liked

  • User-friendly design
  • 5-year warranty
  • Reasonable price

Things We Didn't Like

  • Frequent jamming
  • Plastic parts

Why You Need a Meat Grinder

Not a lot of people will be able to appreciate the function of a meat grinder. For sure, many of you would say “I do not need one.” However, take a look at the following benefits and you will surely be soon on your way buying the best meat grinder that is available in the market today.

  • A Safe Way To Eat Meat: You can never be sure with regards to the quality of the ground meat you can buy in the market. With your own meat grinder, you can be sure that it is handled in a manner that is sanitary, and hence, safe.
  • Create your Own Flavor: Do you want to make a burger with sweet and tangy patty? Or maybe, do you want to have meatballs stuffed with cheese? In these cases, you can only do so if you have your own meat grinder, which will allow you to experiment with the different flavors and varieties you want.
  • Enjoy Better Texture: If you need ground meat for your recipe, you can buy one that is prepackaged. However, such may have been in its packaging for a long time already, and hence, texture can be altered. It would be better if you can grind your own meat.
  • Use Scrap Meats: More often than not, scrap meat parts end up in the bin. If you want to make better use of such, you can have your own meat grinder and repurpose scraps into your own sausage, patty, or anything that is preferred.

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Types of Meat Grinders

In you search for the best meat grinder, the choices can be categorized as follows:

  • Manual Meat Grinders
  • Meat Grinder Attachments
  • Standalone Meat Grinders

  This is going to be the best choice if you are going to grind meat frequently and in large quantities. It is known for its speed and consistency. More importantly, they will be able to grind meat in such a quick manner. However, they can be expensive.

Essential Considerations when Buying the Best Meat Grinder

To help you differentiate the choices that are available, the following things should be taken into account:

  • Feedbacks from Other People: Before you reach a decision, it will help if you can go online and take a look at what other people have to say. Their experiences will be vital in differentiating the options that you will be confronted with. Read meat grinder reviews and learn from the suggestions of other people.
  • Extent of Use: Are you going to use it at home for your hobby? Are you going to use it for business? The frequency and extent of use will help determine what type of meat grinder should be purchased.
  • Budget: The prices of meat grinders will vary depending on the features. With this, take into account your needs and set a budget beforehand. Keep on looking until you find one that is fitted for your allotted budget.
  • Versatility: Not all meat grinders are created for the sole purpose of grinding meat. It will be good if you can find one that can be used for other applications, such as shredding cheese and making bread crumbs.
  • Material: This will be indicative of the quality and functionality of the meat grinder. Generally speaking, they can be made from cast aluminum or stainless steel. There are also some that are made from plastic, but more often than not, they have limited capacity.
  • Ease of Cleaning: Through the years, it is inevitable that the quality of the grinder will deteriorate. The best meat grinder is one that is easy to clean, making it a snap for you to maintain its best quality in the long run.

Tips in using Meat Grinders

At the end of the day, it is not enough that you choose the best meat grinder. You should also keep in mind the tips mentioned below to make the most out of the product and to make sure of the quality of the output.

  • Keep It Cold: We are referring not only to the meat, but even the grinder. It would be nice if you can place the grinder in the freezer at least an hour before it is used. When it comes to the meat, keeping it cold will result into nicer texture. Otherwise, you will end up with a dry and pulpy mix.
  • Trim the Meat: Before putting meat in the grinder, make sure that it is well-trimmed. Large parts can cause smearing and can damage the grinder.
  • Make Sure the Blades Stay Sharp: The blades are the most important parts of the meat grinder. If they are not sharp, the grinder will need to exert more effort to work and the outcome will not be as consistent as you wished it would be.
  • Keep it Clean: Right after every use, clean the meat grinder immediately. Even the best meat grinder can result into inferior ground meat quality if it is not cleaned regularly.


Do not make it harder for you to find the best meat grinder that is available in the market. Do not be easily lured by the false promises of manufacturers and do not be tempted to make a decision on the basis of price alone. Based on meat grinder reviews and our careful evaluation, the five models mentioned above will be some of the options that can provide the best value for money.