How To Choose Convenient Tools For The Kitchen

Knife or chopping board or mat set is the significant tool of every kitchen that cannot be avoided. These are the time savers and keep you away from frustration as well. Apart from these, what else can be added in your home kitchen? What you think can be the things that can make your kitchen chores easy and faster? Well, with this article, you will get to know all the basic and convenient tools for the kitchen. Every tool is efficient and versatile in its own way so to save your kitchen time, grab these tools today. Having all the tools make it easy for you to work in any area of the kitchen like cookware area, baking area or table area.

So I am going to enlighten you with my list of kitchen tools that I cannot imagine my life without. Here they are:

Sharp knives

Well, I use Cutco knives and they have been my favourite since years. The cutting is awesome with these knives and I never felt the need to sharpen them which other knives demand. Sharp knives save you a lot of time by quickly cutting the vegetables. And you don’t need to spend a lot of time in the kitchen.

Chopping boards

A very nice item to be used in the kitchen… No hassle of cutting vegetables in a plate or creating a mess on the kitchen slab when you have chopping board. It has a groove around the edge and the bottom is slip resistant that doesn’t let the board move while cutting and keep it in place.


It is a wonderful item to chop the vegetables or nuts in one go. My family is not so fond of big chunks of vegetables so I prefer using a chopper. If you also don’t like, go for it and I bet that you will love it. Without extra vegetables, the nutrition is zero so I use this wonderful thing to hide veggies and my kids don’t get to know about it at all. Plus, chopper can nicely chop carrots to prepare soup or else which otherwise is not possible with a knife even.


Well, bowls add to the look of the kitchen. Get a beautiful set of bowls and store them safely in the kitchen when not in use to avoid any breakage. Enhance the kitchen look as much as you can by incorporating different types of kitchen equipment.

Stainless Steel Pots

Steel pots provide even heat to your food so they are considered as the best pots. Aluminum pots are not recommended as the food absorbs it and also it gets in your body that can cause Alzheimer disease if consumed in higher quantity.

Spoon and Spatulas

Spatulas sound so interesting, aren’t they? These are the time saving tools that keep your frustration at bay while extracting the last bit of food from the bowl. With curved spatulas, you cannot imagine how easy it is to get the food out.


Spices must be fresh to get that exciting aroma from the prepared meal. I buy the spices in bulk from a grocery store and store them in the kitchen to avoid my frequent trips to the market. So for storage, make sure you have a nice storage system near your cooking area. It will make it easy for you to get things out easily while cooking.

Stick Blender

Stick blender is must for pureed soups as they stick perfectly in the pan without having you to wait. No mess at all!!

Toaster Oven

Toaster saves gas and prepares delicious toast items. It is quicker than a conventional oven and lessens down the baking time as well.

Vegetable Peeler

Another convenient tool for the kitchen is a vegetable peeler. I use OXO and KUHN Rikon peelers to peel the items like potatoes, lemon zest, tomato, carrots and radish etc. They are much easier to use and you can peel salad items to create a nice decorative tray for your guests.


Easily grates chocolate, Italian cheese and lemon zest in one go. So don’t forget adding it in your basic kitchen tools.

Ovenproof pans

Every kitchen has a microwave oven so oven proof pans are a must have. You cannot keep steel utensils in an oven to cook any dish. So buy oven proof pans if you have an oven, in particular.

Mesh strainers

No escape of mesh strainers in a kitchen. Drain water effectively using mesh strainers. Sometimes the vegetables don’t absorb enough water and you have to drain it so when you have mesh strainer, all goes well. Tea strainer can also be used but that is too small to handle vegetable stock. Save your time with a strainer!!

Spider strainers

More of like spider strainer, it is great to scoop anything from water or oil nicely. Head over to any cookware store and buy one spider strainer.


A nice tool for salad mixing, picking spaghetti and grilling purposes… Before you buy one, always test it as not every tong is easy to handle and use.

Food processor

It is another favorite item of mine to knead dough whether it is for pizza, chapattis or any type of chopping thing. A large amount of vegetables can be chopped with food processor and that too within seconds. Always buy a processor having a small bowl, shredder and slicer as it can be used for other purposes as well.

Though these are the most basic tools to use in the kitchen, you are not restricted to these only. Buy any tool or equipment you like to add to your existing collection. All the above mentioned tools are practical and durable thus saving a lot of time of yours in the kitchen.

Just as carpenters need their tools to do the task, you need kitchen tools to do your task. Every carpenter chooses different tools depending upon their choice and so you are also free to choose any of your choice which you think can serve you better.

Keep it simple!!


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