How To Design Your Kitchen With Different Kitchen Layouts
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Here’s How To Design Your Kitchen With Different Kitchen Layouts

What exactly is kitchen layout? You must have heard about this term many times. Kitchen layout should be so designed which keeps the island and working counter in perfect synchronization. So I am penning down some basic kitchen layout shapes which work with every type of kitchen. Make your pick among these layouts i.e. L shape, U shape, Straight, G shape and Galley.

Let’s take a look on the various kitchen design layouts:

L-Shape Design Layout

L-shaped kitchen is the most popular layout found in most of the kitchens. This layout provides easy pass through around the island and working counter. With L-shaped kitchens, you can also place corner storage cabinets and take advantage of this storage space smartly.

Avoid making the legs of L too long as it will get into your way then and you have to travel throughout the kitchen to pick things. According to me, 12 to 15 feet length is perfect. If you have somewhat big kitchen, you can explore plenteous of designs to incorporate into your kitchen. Let’s study its pros and cons:


  • Works well with medium sized kitchens.
  • You can easily cook in this kitchen layout if properly laid out.
  • If you have more space in the kitchen, consider adding an island for more functionality.


  • Microwave placed on the kitchen counter look untidy in small L shaped kitchens.

Straight Kitchen Layout

This style is the smallest layout among all the kitchen designs. For smaller kitchens, straight kitchen layout is an ideal option. This style is often used in open space floors or efficient apartments.

Due to its small look, appliances can be used in combination to minimize the clutter. Hood microwave is the best choice as it offers the facility to use it as a cooktop as well as separate oven. Kitchens look more functional if sufficient space is left between the appliances and cabinets. So try not to make it messy, make it tidy instead.


  • Straight layout is an ideal choice for basic kitchens.
  • Due to the single wall, outside traffic gets reduced to a great extent.
  • Quite reasonable to construct such a kitchen.


  • This layout is less efficient.
  • Limited storage space

Galley Kitchen Layout

As the name suggests, galley kitchen is popular as corridor kitchen layout. In this layout, the appliances and cabinets are placed in a straight line giving the kitchen a corridor type look. Galley type kitchens are highly efficient among all the layouts as the cook doesn’t have to move here and there again and again to pick things up. This type of kitchen offers ample storage and counter space if you keep the traffic away as much as you can. Otherwise the kitchen will look crowded. Sometimes, it becomes a drawback of this style due to the pass through layout which invites a lot of traffic.

I would suggest going for 4 feet of space between counter and island space to have less cluttered space. It’s all about how you plan the layout efficiently. To give your kitchen a spacious look, go for small appliances like small fridges and small cabinets.


  • Most efficient kitchen layout due to the small size.
  • No clutter in the whole kitchen so easy to clean.
  • Due to the small size, refurbishing is quite inexpensive.


  • If this kitchen is open, it can invite a lot of traffic.
  • Cooks feel alone while cooking as such kitchens don’t provide any interaction with the guests.
  • Due to the small size, eating space is difficult to add. Yet you can add a tiny snack bar if you want.

U shaped Kitchen Layout

It is quite similar to L shape layout. But it provides more counter and storage space. So you can store more things in these kitchen layouts as it has two corners. Usually, larger kitchens incorporate this layout and to add more functionality, consider adding an island. It will offer storage as well as functionality.

Additionally, you can also make an eating bar on the island. Other than that, space between island and counters is enough to make you walk around freely without any botheration to the cook.

Surprisingly, this kitchen layout is adopted in big kitchens, you can even add one more island.


  • Suitable for large kitchens and plenty of work space and storage space.
  • Spacious enough to add an island for more functionality.


  • If less than 12 feet long, it may look crowded due to the island
  • U shape doesn’t allow you to keep appliances at 3 feet from the corners.

G Shaped Kitchen Layout

So, it can be called as improved style of U shape kitchen layout. G shape look is given to the kitchen by adding peninsula in it. Make your kitchen more welcoming and inviting by designing it in G shape layout. Interestingly, it offers an excellent seating space for your guests.

To avoid getting a feeling of cramped kitchen, try to design the G shape kitchen in such a way that it doesn’t blocks the main kitchen area. Or else it is quite possible that your kitchen looks crowded.


  • G shape is popular to offer enough storage and counter area.
  • Your guests can sit in the kitchen due to the peninsula.


  • Sometimes, the kitchen looks small than it actually is. It is because, G shape layout blocks the main kitchen area in some instances.

So, this was all about various kitchen layouts. You can decide which style suits your kitchen area best. Every kitchen has a different look, so it’s all about how you use your creativity in designing your favourite kitchen.

You must have noticed that every house has different style of kitchen. Actually it is not!! These are the only layouts which I have mentioned, but the difference lies in everyone’s thinking.

Be creative and design your kitchen according to your requirements, family requirements and how you are going to use the kitchen area. It matters a lot while you are planning a layout for your kitchen.