How To Easily Make Coffee Without Coffeemaker
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Here’s How To Easily Make Coffee Without Coffeemaker!

Are you addicted to coffee every morning to wake up? And all of a sudden your coffee maker breaks. Urgghhh!! Now what to do? It seems like a nightmare to you, isn’t it? Not to fret guys. Tons of ways are out there to prepare coffee without coffeemaker. Let’s take a look on the methods you can try:

First of all, here are the ingredients you would need for 1 cup of coffee:

  • 1 to 2 tbsp. grounded coffee.
  • 180 to 250 ml hot water.

Method 1: Use a Strainer

  • The very first method of preparing coffee without a coffeemaker is using a strainer. You need to heat the water and for that, take a saucepan, kettle, induction cooktop or microwave. I would recommend using a tea kettle. Next, put the required quantity of water in the kettle, put the kettle on stove and bring it to boil using medium heat
  • You can also use microwave to heat water but proper care is needed to do that. If not done correctly, it can cause danger. Simply place the container in the microwave filled with water and put a wooden chopstick into it.
  • Switch on the microwave and check the water after 1 or 2 minutes. Heat the water until it gets boiled.
  • Lastly, an electric pot offers easy usage. Pour required water into the pot and switch on the plug to supply electricity.
  • Keep the flame between medium and full knob and let the water boil. Switch off the device after the water gets boiled or start getting bubbles.
  • Next, take grounded or granular coffee. The quantity depends upon number of coffee cups you want to prepare. For a rough idea, 1 to 2 tbsp. of coffee is sufficient for one cup (250 ml. And if you want to prepare 2 cups, simply double the amount of both things i.e. 4 tbsp. of coffee and 500 ml of water)
  • Now pour the hot water on the coffee placed in the cup or mug. You don’t need any filter to pour water. The coffee will automatically blend with water.
  • Let the coffee blend nicely for 3 minutes. Then stir it and allow it to steep for another 3 minutes. This time depends upon your likability of coffee i.e. too strong or average. If you like strong coffee, take more minutes and if average, then this timing would be perfect for a standard cup.
  • Finally, you need to strain out the coffee grounds or granules from the water. Take a tea strainer and place it over another cup or mug. Spill out the liquid in another cup and the strainer will filter the granules. Strainer doesn’t allow the coffee grounds to get through in the cup or mug.

Now your luscious hot cup of coffee is ready to be sipped. Enjoy your morning cup. Add some cream or sugar if you wish to…

Method 2: Use a Filter

  • Heat the water in a saucepan, kettle, electric pot or microwave as per your choice. If you are heating water in a kettle, put enough amount of water and bring it boil using medium heat. For heating water in microwave, fill the container with required amount of water for a cup of coffee and let it boil for few minutes.
  • Keep checking it after 1 or 2 minutes not to make the water come out of the container and soil the microwave plate. Check it with a wooden utensil to avoid electric shocks.
  • Lastly, to heat water in electric pot, plug in the switch and let the water boils.
  • Scoop coffee grounds into coffee filter and tie up the filter with a string. Make sure that you tie it tightly or else the coffee grounds will slip in the liquid. Preparing coffee with filter is similar to preparing tea with teabags. Leave the string to hang out of the cup so that you can pick it up when required.

It is a best method to prepare one cup of coffee as more cups will consume a lot of time. You have to create a separate coffee filter for every mug you wish to prepare and then place each filter in every single mug. Coffee prepared by using filter is less strong as compared to the above method. It is because, in this method, we don’t put coffee directly into the mug and only the essence is used. Put 2 tbsp. of coffee to one cup or the coffee will be less than average.

  • Now, pour boiled water on the filter bundle placed on the top of the cup. Pour water slowly over it to fill the cup with required water. And if you are preparing more cups, spill the water separately over each filter.
  • Let the coffee blend for 3 to 4 minutes. If you wish to sip strong coffee, sipping time is 4 to 5 minutes and for average coffee, it is 2 to 3 minutes. So it’s all your choice. Also, you don’t need to stir in this method.
  • Finally, your coffee is all set to give hotness to your taste buds. Pull out the string and throw it out. Add cream or sugar as you wish. And serve the coffee to your partner. Enjoy your first coffee of the day.

Bonus Tip

Take a spoon and press it over the filter bundle to spill out extra liquid in the cup. It will make the coffee stronger due to its prolonged contact with coffee grounds.

So guys, I hope you enjoyed reading the article. While writing, my mouth was watering that immediately after finishing the article, I sipped a hot cup of coffee.

Learn to prepare coffee without coffeemaker and relish luscious cup of coffee. Have a good day!!