How To Make Coffee Concentrate At Home
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Here’s How To Make Coffee Concentrate At Home!

Ahhh… Creamy Iced Coffee with rich and cool texture. Doesn’t it sound so yummy? Nothing is best in this world than having a delicious cup of chocolaty coffee. Yeah it is!! And you know what? Preparing it is so easy that you cannot imagine. Ssshhhh… Don’t share the recipe with anyone as you are going to amaze your guests by offering them luscious iced coffee in that hot evening.

Stick onto this article to know about the step by step method of preparing coffee concentrate to make iced coffee at home. I have been trying different methods of making iced coffee but brewing coffee with coffee concentrate is my favourite. It is a magical method of preparing coffee with that rich and deep roast goodness. A true bliss it is to have iced coffee prepared with coffee concentrate!! Mild and rich taste…

Cold brewing iced coffee is no doubt very tasty. But if you do any carelessness, then you would fall into a serious surprise. Yes, I am not joking!! I have experienced this. So don’t rush and start slowly guys. The coffee concentrate is not to be use by the way types, but an equal amount is needed to be put into the water. Let’s start with the steps:

How to make Coffee Concentrate at Home

Step 1: Take Quality Beans

Obviously, you need to pick great quality beans to make coffee concentrate. Pick medium to dark roast instead of weak ones. I usually buy them from some speciality store to make sure that they are exactly what I want. My beans are smooth and chocolaty which makes a nice chocolaty cup of coffee.

Step 2: Grind The Beans

It’s the time to grind the beans in a nice consistency. Take a cup of dark beans and grind them using a grinder. Don’t go for too fine consistency but keep them medium. I would say you to grind the beans at your home kitchen to get fresh and flavoured results. And if you don’t have a grinder, then go to some coffee shop and get the beans grounded in a go.

Step 3: Pour Water and Stir

Take a jar with a capacity of 40 ounces and put the grounded beans in it. Make sure that the jar has an airtight lid. Put 4 cups of cold water through a filter. But if you don’t have it, no worries… Now mix and stir the mixture well so that the grounded beans and water get blend in nicely to form a smooth solution.

Step 4: Let It Sleep

Okay, now here the actual process starts. Cover the container with a lid and keep it in your kitchen overnight. Make sure that the place where you keep the container is out of sunlight. Let it steep for up to 12 hours.

Step 5: Filter

Now filter the coffee. A lot of ways are there to do so, let’s take a look on:

  • Strain the mixture into a French press. Push down the plunger to take the iced coffee concentrate out.
  • Take a funnel and put a filter onto it. Adjust the funnel properly and strain the coffee concentrate into it. It will make you filter out the grounds
  • ​Place a fine mesh filter over another container and strain out the concentrate over the filter.
  • ​Last option is to use a nut milk bag. It is one of the easiest methods to filter the coffee concentrate nicely. I use the fine mesh bag which I use for preparing almond milk and trust me; you are also going to love this method. It’s just so perfect!!

Step 6: Drink!!

Finally, we are here with the coffee concentrate. Now it’s the time to prepare a lip smacking cup of iced coffee using coffee concentrate. What you need to do is take ½ cup coffee concentrate and mix it with ½ cup water. Then put some ice cubes in a glass and pour the mixture into it. You can also add some sweetener like sugar, cream or condensed milk may be. Stir it well before drinking. Put a straw and relish the luscious taste of iced coffee at home with your partner

Enjoy having coffee filled life. I sometimes skip adding water and take the coffee concentrate as it is. And guys, it is really incredible and commendable. I just love the taste and the jolt of caffeine it has, makes me fall in love with it again and again. You can keep the coffee concentrate in a lid container to refrigerate it for a week. Don’t make the concentrate in huge quantity as it lost its aroma in that case. So one week would be enough.

Enhancements of Iced Coffee

Once when you will enjoy this delicious cup of coffee, I would suggest you to try these enhancements to give your taste buds a unique surprise. Just shake up your mood with these iced coffee enhancements. Add some syrup to your iced coffee to spruce up the taste:

  • Vanilla Iced Coffee
  • Cinnamon Dolce Coffee
  • Pumpkin  Spice Coffee
  • Maple Vanilla Coffee
  • Orange Spiced Coffee
Sprinkle some yummy chocolate syrup in the cup of iced coffee to relish a good taste. Tastes so good!! Or add some coffee ice cubes in it to have coffee all over without much quantity of water.

Here you go with the delicious cup of iced coffee prepared by yourself. Sounds so interesting… Doesn’t it? Always keep coffee concentrate in your refrigerator to prepare iced coffee quickly and fast within a minute or so. Be creative and try adding some enhancements to get an exceptional experience. Stay tuned and if you have any recipe, comment in the section below.

Have a coffee-filled day!!