How To Make Coffee On The Stove
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Here’s How To Make Coffee On The Stove!

Making coffee without a coffeemaker seems like impossible. Or if you are an experiment freak, you must have tried making coffee with different methods. But have you done it on a stove? May be you are thinking that how can that happen? Yeah!! You can prepare coffee on the stove and that too without many efforts.

A lot of ways are there to prepare coffee on the stove like using a saucepan, an Italian pot, metal contraption or anything like that. With all these methods, you can have a delicious cup of coffee to satisfy your taste buds. So let’s give our coffeemaker some rest and get handy on a stove.

Take a look on the methods of knowing how to make coffee on the stove:

Method 1: Cowboy Coffee

1. Take a small pot or kettle. Make sure it works fine. Then put 10 ounces of water in it and heat water on the stove. You can add more water if you want to prepare more coffee cups. It’s your wish.

2.  Now add 1-2 tbsp. of grounded coffee to the water. You can increase or decrease the quantity as per your taste. Stir the mixture to let the coffee blend in well and the grounds of coffee circulate.

3. If you are using coffee beans, use a grinder to grind them. First take 2 tbsp. to make sure it grinds well.

4. And if you have instant coffee, add it directly to the water and wait for 2-3 minutes before drinking it.

5. Another option is to bring the coffee to boil after adding the coffee. But if you have added more coffee, then it will make your coffee taste bitter. So think of your taste first.

​6. Wait for the coffee to settle at the bottom. Cover the pot.

7. Here you go with your yummy cup of coffee. Pour the coffee into a mug slowly. It will stop the coffee grounds to come in the mug. Don’t pour the whole coffee as last bit of the brew may have some grounds. So leave that in the pot only. To keep your coffee completely free of grounds, use a filter or a strainer to keep on the mug before pouring.

Method 2: Greek Coffee

1. This method will not work with an old pot or drip grind coffee. You have to gather other materials. What you need is a metal pot, typically made of brass. It is also known as ibrik. This small pot is thin at the neck than base and designed with a long handle.

2.Then you need some sort of sweetener like sugar or a sugar substitute. Water is also required

3. Head over to some speciality shop to buy Turkish grind coffee. This coffee is as fine as a grind. Middle Eastern shops, coffee roasters or retailers have this coffee. So buy it from them before making Greek or Turkish coffee at home.

4.Take a grinding machine from a grocery store having Turkish grind setting. Or if you want to grind your own beans, make the grind fine as much as you can.

Greek Coffee
Greek Coffee

5. Add sugar to the metal pot as per your taste. You can add 2 tsp. of sugar to 8 ounce ibrik.

6. If not sugar, use aspartame as a sugar substitute.

​7. Now put water in the ibrik. Make sure not to overfill it or you will end up having a huge mess on your kitchen stove. Leave some room for the water to froth.

8. For less coffee, you need to have a small ibrik. Same is the case with smaller ibrik. You should fill it till the lower neck to brew the coffee properly. The smaller ibrik is 8 ounces around from which you can have two demitasse cups of 3 oz.

9. Put coffee in the water but not to stir it. Let the coffee ground float on the top. The floating is good to block air making it easy for the water to froth.

​10. Next, the amount of coffee determines the taste of coffee. If you like strong coffee, go for 1-2 tsp. of coffee per serving or 1 tbsp. is okay for 8 oz. ibrik.

Greek Coffee
Greek Coffee

11. Now put ibrik on the stove to heat. Use medium to high heat and check to avoid any messy boiling over of water.

12. You will see that coffee will foam. Don’t think that it’s boiling. And don’t make it boil too. If you will do, then you will have a scorched stovetop which is not easy to scrub off.

13. When the foam reaches the top, remove it from the stove. Let it rest and come to the normal position, then stir it.

14. This process needs to be repeated three times for luscious coffee. Once the coffee settles back, put the ibrik again on the stove and repeat the same process again. Let the coffee froth. Once it gets up to the top, remove it from heat and let it settle down back. Stir the mixture.

15. Here you go!! Wait for 1-2 minutes before having a sip of coffee. It will let the coffee grounds at the bottom of the pot.

16. Pour the coffee into the mugs. I suggest you to leave the last 2-3 sips of coffee in the pot. Similarly, while drinking, leave the last bits in the mug.

17. Serve it hot…

I hope you get to know about the process of making coffee on the stove top. These two methods are the easiest ones so you should try them out, for sure. Let’s relish the luscious cup of coffee with our family members. Have a coffee day!!