How To Make Coffee Without Filter
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Here’s How To Make Coffee Without Filter!

Here I want to confess that I am crazy for coffee. And I literally want to meet the person who invented this magic drink. Coffee is one thing that keeps me going and moving the whole day. Whenever I feel low, coffee is just the right thing to boost me up. It has become a habit now!!! And when it’s so important for me, how can I imagine waking up one morning and my coffee filter is not there?

Occasionally, when I have to go outdoors for camping, carrying the filter or coffeemaker seems somewhat tough. If I am going to visit some of my friend who doesn’t take coffee, then what is the solution? Well, thanks to my brain… I can brew the coffee without a filter even. No need of coffee maker or any contraption. It’s interesting and surprising to make a great cup of coffee without a filter, let’s see how:

Things you need

Fresh roasted coffee beans: I know that you don’t need a coffee filter, but still you need fresh roasted coffee beans. The quality of coffee largely depends upon the type of beans you use to prepare it. So don’t take any chance in the quality of beans or else your coffee will taste stale. Keep in mind that the taste of coffee is all about the aroma and it gets dispel in air if the coffee ages. If the coffee is not drink for long time, the aroma is lost and coffee doesn’t tastes well. All I can say is use fresh quality beans and prepare the best coffee. To buy fresh beans, jump into some local grocery store and check if they have or you can order them online.

I would suggest using roasted coffee which is two weeks old to have luscious cup of coffee. If you want to go out somewhere on a camp or else, pack your roasted bean coffee and hit the roads.

Manual coffee grinder: A manual coffee is needed to grind the coffee beans to let its aroma come out. After grinding, coffee aromatics sit for 15 to 20 minutes before dispelling in the air. So grind the coffee only before brewing to enjoy the real delight. Grounded coffee lost its aroma after 15 to 20 minutes and taste flat as well. Buy a good manual grinder to have a nice, consistent and aromatic coffee.

Hot water: The heart of coffee is hot water. Don’t go for boiled water either. Keep the temperature between 195 and 205 F to make delicious coffee. Brew the water over the coffee and water will not burn the coffee grounds and will take out the nice aroma also. Perfect flavour will come out within this range. And if the water is below 195 F, then the coffee will taste sour as water will under extract the coffee grounds.

You need not go mad with the water by checking the temperature with a thermometer. Just boil water and wait for 30 seconds. It will come under the mentioned range. You can boil water in any pan or kettle but make sure it has a handle not to burn your fingers while pouring water.

Additional items you need

  • Handkerchief in place of filter
  • Paper clips to hold the handkerchief nicely
  • A mug to brew coffee in

Now let’s see the steps of making coffee without a filter:

  • Step 1: Create a temporary pour over of handkerchief to use a filter. Fold the handkerchief into a small square and use it
  • Step 2: Use paper clips to attach this temporary filter to the cup.
  • ​Step 3: Now it’s the time to grind the coffee to a medium consistency like sand. To reduce your efforts, try getting African beans as they are 20% smaller than South American or Asian beans. Just grind the beans and get exactly the same strong coffee.
  • Step 4Don’t grind too much of coffee as it will be wasted if not used completely. So grind only the sufficient amount which is required for one cup. Some grinders have a mark to indicate that you have reached the first cup
  • Step 5: Add the coffee in the filter and then shake it for even surface.
  • ​Step 6: Put 2 cups of water in a pan to boil it. Turn off the knob and put down the water. Let it sit for 30 seconds and then put the grounded coffee into some water for 30 seconds. Next, pour the half remaining water over it and again wait for 30 seconds. Finally, add the remaining water. This process takes a total of 2 minutes
  • Step 7: Once the water gets through the handkerchief, remove it immediately. If the handkerchief gets submerged, don’t rush. Remove it carefully from the cup but make sure doing this quickly. And here you go with a really delicious cup of coffee

If you feel that your coffee is too bitter, add more coffee and if it’s sour, then use less amount of coffee. And lastly, the cleaning part if my favourite. You just don’t need to put extra efforts. Just throw the coffee grounds and rinse the handkerchief under running water. Don’t use soap in cleaning or else it will create a soapy smell in the coffee the next time.

Now don’t worry if you don’t have a coffee filter as it is one of the easiest methods to brew a great cup of coffee. Just keep going with the flow and get a good coffee morning. Have a good day!!