How To Make Iced Caramel Iced Coffee At Home
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Here’s How To Make Iced Caramel Iced Coffee At Home!

We always think of the worst things that can happen to us in some or the either ways. And in all that, you might have come across a situation where you run out of gas. It’s a pretty drastic situation for me. But have you ever thought that if we ran out of coffee? Then it’s more drastic situation for me. May be for you as well!!

Okay, let me ask you something. When was the last time you didn’t have coffee? I guess it’s really a stupid question I am asking you for. Honestly, I cannot imagine my life without coffee. And I did visit the coffee shop daily to have my favourite cup of iced caramel coffee. YUMMY!!

But guys, no one have that much time to visit coffee shops daily. So today I am here to walk you through how to make iced caramel coffee at home. A lot of recipes are there to make iced caramel coffee. Let’s take a look on some of the easy methods:

Method 1: Milk Frappuccino


  • 3 tbsp. white sugar
  • ½ cup cold coffee
  • 2 cups ice
  • ½ cup milk
  • 3 tbsp. caramel syrup
  • Whipped cream for extra flavour

Gather all the ingredients and blend them into a blender. Make a smooth mixture. Do it until all the ice gets crushed. Open the blender and check whether the mixture is creamy enough. Pour it in cups or mugs and add some whipped cream on the top combined with caramel sauce.

Method 2: Ice Cubes Frappuccino


  • 2 strong coffee cups
  • 2-3 tbsp. caramel sauce
  • ½ milk cup

Brew 2 strong coffee cups and let it cool for some time. Then take a cup of coffee to pour it into an ice cube tray and freeze it.Blend another half into a blender. Next, add 2-3 tbsp. of caramel sauce into the blender. For more strong flavour, add one more spoon of caramel syrup. Take out the frozen ice cubes and put them into the blender with ½ cup of milk. Blend the coffee until it gets creamy and frothy. Take a glass and pour iced caramel coffee into it. It tastes so yummy!!

Method 3: Cream Frappuccino

Cream Frappuccino
Cream Frappuccino


  • Cream
  • A cup of strong coffee
  • 2 cups ice
  • Caramel syrup

Prepare strong coffee and put it into the blender. Put all the ingredients i.e. ice, cream and caramel sauce into the blender. Blend the mixture till creamy. Here you go with your luscious iced caramel coffee.

Method 4: Caramel Coffee

Add the dash of caramel syrup to your coffee to enjoy its lip-smacking taste. You don’t need to add extra sugar to it as the caramel sauce has its own sweetness.


  • 4 ½ cold water cups
  • 6 tbsp. of coffee
  • Whipped cream
  • Chopped chocolate toffees
  • ½ cup caramel topping

Add caramel topping in the pot and make coffee as you normally do with cold water. Then stir the coffee with caramel and serve it. You can add whipped cream to the caramel coffee and also chocolate toffees to add extra flavour. Enjoy your cup of coffee.

Method 5: Caramel Mocha Coffee

Caramel Mocha Coffee
Caramel Mocha Coffee



  • 7 tbsp. grounded coffee
  • 2 cups milk
  • ½ cup chocolate sauce
  • ½ cup caramel syrup
  • Ice cubes- 4 cups

Take milk, chocolate sauce, ice and caramel syrup, put them in iced coffee pitcher. Blend them together. Then add coffee into the mixture by placing a filter over the pitcher. Fill the pitcher to water line and cover with lid. Place over the brew basket and when brewing is done, remove the pitcher and brew basket both. Stir the mixture and your caramel iced coffee is complete to serve your taste buds.

Method 6: Caramel Macchiato

Let’s prepare our own caramel macchiato at home. Here are the steps to prepare:


  • 1 cup of water
  • 4 tbsp. ground espresso beans
  • Vanilla syrup
  • ¾ cup milk
  • Caramel sauce

Take a metal pitcher and fill it with ¾ cup of milk. Heat the milk to 165 degrees. Check the temperature with thermometer instead by putting it inside the pitcher. To prepare Caramel Macchiato, put the steam wand diagonally in the pitcher to touch below the surface of the milk. This act will create enough froth in your caramel macchiato. Fill the espresso machine with 4 tbsp. ground coffee combined with 1 cup of water. It is a yummy drink due to the added flavours.

Add steamed milk over this mixture. But leave 2 inches to let the froth gather. For 8 ounce of milk, you have to add 1 ounce of flavour. Put the froth over the milk and for this, use metal cooking whip. At last, sprinkle some caramel syrup and enjoy your caramel coffee.

Method 7: Iced Caramel Latte

Iced Caramel Latte
Iced Caramel Latte



  • 6 ice cubes
  • 1 cup milk
  • ½ cup strong brewed coffee
  • Caramel sauce

Place coffee in freezer to chill it. Wait for at least 15 minutes before drinking the iced coffee. Pour caramel sauce in milk and stir it well. Grab hold of whisk and beat the caramel and milk mixture until it gets foamy and smooth. If not whisk, then use cold milk frother to prepare caramel latte. Add this caramel and milk mixture into the strong coffee immediately after beating. Put some ice and relish delicious cup of caramel latte right at your home.

I hope you enjoyed reading the article. These are some of the easiest methods to prepare caramel iced coffee at home without having to visit any coffee shop. Pick any of the methods and enjoy having a cup of caramel iced coffee with your friends. Have a good day!!