How To Make Kitchen Space Designs for Elegant Look
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Here’s How To Make Kitchen Space Designs for Elegant Look!

Almost all the kitchen designs today are so crafted which only suit large kitchens but not those having small kitchens. Such designs enhance the charisma of large kitchens whereas people like us who don’t have that big kitchens have to manage with not-so-good-looking designs. But don’t worry about the designing part as some designs are showcased beautifully even in small kitchens. And this is why I am here today!!

Since we all want to own a nice looking kitchen, I would like to give you some tips to make your kitchen look designer. Planning the design of kitchen in such a way that maximize the kitchen space as well is what we need. Here are few ways to optimize a kitchen for design and function as well.

While you plan anything for a small kitchen, you need to have sensible thinking. Go for the designs which can actually be implemented but not those which only look dazzling in images. You just don’t need to give up your inevitabilities in order to implement a fine-looking design. I understand your urge to own a striking kitchen but not at the cost of your basic amenities.

In small kitchens, to work out on the style, just supplant bulky items with small accent pieces. One of the most amazing things you can do is place the mirrors on the wall to give your kitchen a spacious look. Furthermore, it will enhance the overall ambience as well. It’s all about your creativity how you use your intellects.

Just be a beauty with brain…

Amplifying a small kitchen starts with the idea of jettisoning all the useless items. Take a look at your kitchen and check which items you don’t need at all. Throw them out to make some more room in the kitchen. Clear the counter, empty your cabinet drawers and racks. Then put only those items in the storage area which you need and throw other items out.

Next, if you are planning on creating new décor then you can incorporate light colours on the walls as they give a spacious look to the kitchen. Since there are a lot of designs to choose from, you need to be very conscious in allocating space to three areas of the kitchen. Give maximum space to the areas like work counter, storage area and washing area. Don’t create a clutter of items and go for such design which leaves more functional space in the kitchen.

What is Functional Kitchen?

A functional kitchen has less muddled space and things can be placed in an organized manner. Having a small kitchen is itself a challenge as you can find it quite tricky to implement a design which has the tendency to make your kitchen space look maximized. Thanks to the kitchen designs, which have made it easy for the households to choose from already constructed kitchens. Apart from them, you can also get your kitchen constructed by yourself.

Here goes the list of kitchen designs. Take a look:

Open Shelves

To enhance kitchen space, open shelves is a great idea. Try adding a lot of open shelves on the walls as it will consume your otherwise wasted space. And things which cannot be put in the cabinets, take good space on the shelves. Install hooks and racks on the walls to get easy access while cooking. Moreover, the cabinets will be free from such items.

Add Mirrors

Mirrors work like magic in small kitchens and also look scintillating if installed in a right approach. Adding mirrors in backdrop create a nice spacious artifice. Kitchens which are open in the living rooms look great with mirror effect. Both your kitchen and living area gets extended thus making the kitchen look visually enhanced. Mirrors draw more light into the kitchen and anything that looks bright looks spacious as well. If you think mirrors are not your choice, try adding modernized cabinets with mirror-like effect.

Go for Compact Appliances

Guys, dealing with a small kitchen needs some sense. So go for compact appliances which don’t take up much space on the working area as well as cabinets. A small kitchen doesn’t have enough space for bulky items so during your search, look for compact utilizations. To save your counter space, you can buy a small microwave and put it under the cabinet drawer. Pull the drawer only when it’s required otherwise keep it in.

Armless Chairs

Dining chairs without arms are an ideal choice to place in small kitchens. First of all, no hassle is there to get them in and out and secondly, they are much convenient to use. One more thing, armless chairs don’t look cramped up and give a clean and sleek look to the whole area.
Other than chairs, foldable stools are also a great addition. They can be pulled out when in use and then folded up back when not in use. Since they can be kept under the counter, stools make the most out of kitchen design space.

Kitchen Island

While on your hunt of a stunning kitchen design, you may come across kitchen islands. I love them the most among others. It’s like a counter where you can prepare food and store the items in the drawers designed at the bottom. For extremely small kitchens, islands make a great space. You don’t have to worry about separate storage area if you have kitchen islands up and running.


One of the most important factors is lighting. It just cannot be overlooked at all. Add as many lights as you can but in a way that don’t make your kitchen look cluttered. Well-lit spaces give a welcoming feel and look pleasing to the eyes. A couple of ways are there to add light in the kitchen including hang lamps, pendant lights and wall sconces etc. Another way to incorporate light in the kitchen is by adding a window to pull in sunshine.

Just think unique and here you go with an elegant kitchen space design