How To Make The Most Out Of Your Small Kitchen

Kitchen is the packed space including a wide range of appliances, cabinets, washing area and much more. With having so much in a kitchen, it becomes a bit daunting to manage small kitchen space. Everything needs to be beautifully placed so that you have enough aisle space to work around freely. But how? It would be the first question in your mind while you are on a hunt for kitchen space maximization. Obviously, you cannot add more space to your kitchen. Then what??

You can go for remodelling of your kitchen and enhance its functionality without escalating the space. The idea lies in maximizing the space and then intellectualize various kitchen ideas to make a nice balance of your kitchen space. Since nice remodelling designs make your kitchen look appealing, anyone visiting you will get awe-struck with your stunning space utilization, for sure…

You, being a household, must know the significance of spacious kitchen. Such kitchens are well-organized, manageable, hygienic and less cluttered. Moreover, cooking and cleaning is made easy in such kitchens as cramped kitchens are quite problematic to manage.

Let’s get started with the tips and tricks on how you can maximize your kitchen space. Make use of cabinets, cupboards and compact appliances etc. and place them smartly in your kitchen. Throw out unnecessary items to free up the space for other important things to get placed, if you have any. Save each and every inch of your kitchen.

Increase Cabinet Space

Make sure that you consume proper cabinet space. Use your every cabinet efficiently by filling the drawers with all the necessary stuff and eliminate the mess out which has taken additional space. I would recommend you to buy multiple open shelf cabinets as they have the tendency to lend you more space for storing things. In a single cabinet, you can incorporate various pull out drawers and keep things there for storage. Pull out cabinets are a smart decision to place in a small kitchen and maximizing space. If you ask me, I would say you to have customized cabinets in your kitchen. Since you can design them according to your kitchen, they prove to be very beneficial in consuming the unused spaces behind, if any.

Consume Under Sink Space

Under sink space is a free space, if you use it effectively. You should try adding a small cabinet under your sink area and use it for storing things like washing soaps, dustbins, plumbing fixtures and much more like that. Store the cleaning equipment there for kitchen space maximize, and if needed, use that space to keep the material which doesn’t come in regular use. Keeping cleaning materials under the sink storage gives you easy access as storing them in different locations will make you confused when you need such things.

Storage Area

Place such storage areas which gives you double functioning. For example, you may not have much space in your kitchen to keep wooden rack, so what you can do is, hang it on the window and keep plates or small utensils in it. Firstly, your utensils got managed and secondly, rack add to the decoration element in the kitchen. And lastly, it doesn’t block the light coming in from the window, if hanged smartly. So apart from the decoration, it is functional and has visual appeal too.

Make Use of Hooks and Shelves

Using hooks and shelves in a kitchen is a smart move, of course. A range of materials are there for you to choose from which provide pretty much storage space. It’s advisable to use shelves to pile up your plates or crockery one above another to make efficient use of it and free the cabinet space for other items. Additionally, hooks are another great idea to hang items and they also don’t take up much space of your kitchen area. Although they are handy and compact, you can hang milk mugs or cups onto them without occupying the shelf space.

Decorative Lighting

Lighting is a wonderful addition to make a space look maximized, especially the kitchen. Though lights create a nice ambient environment, they are perfect to add a sense of comfort. Accent lights are an ideal option to make a kitchen look bigger and visually enhanced. Even after having a few inches of kitchen, you can still make it look harmonized and spacious.

Light and Elegant Colors

To make a place look spacious, colors have a major role to play. Don’t opt for dark colors as they tend to shorten the space visually, even if it’s not. Moreover, dark colors promote gloominess and make you feel dull. So go for light colors always if you want to maximize the space as dark colors create an abbreviated look.

Furniture Items

If your kitchen is small enough to accommodate a table, I would say placing a foldable one. This way you can have your meals in the kitchen itself while your wife is cooking for you. That’s lovely!! Like sofa-cum-chairs, you can place foldable tables. When in use, draw them out and when not, simply push them in.


Not having enough space in kitchen is quite painful as you cannot walk or cook properly in a messed up kitchen. You will end up wasting your time in looking out for things for cooking in a highly disorganized kitchen and nothing else. So instead of getting stuck in messy kitchen, prepare food faster and efficaciously. Fix the issues of your small kitchen as soon as possible and make the most out of your small kitchen space.

So guys, these are some useful tips to ponder upon. Let’s maximize your kitchen space the way you want it to be. Think of something creative and implement it in your kitchen. Guys, you all have the internet facility, so find something unique and try it for your place…

Make your cooking easier and fast from now onwards!!


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