How To Make Your Kitchen Look Spacious With Space Savers
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Here’s How To Make Your Kitchen Look Spacious With Space Savers!

In this modern world, everyone desires to have a nice and affordable house in terms of location and space. But due to the increasing population, living area is getting reduced which is further cutting back the house space. And reduction in house space leads to dropping down in kitchen space tremendously.

So, obviously, this is a bad news for all the cooking lovers as managing a small kitchen is more oppressive. You have to have all the essential appliances, cabinets, utensils and dishwashers in place but how?

Today, I will talk about kitchen space savers which will be the true delight for small kitchens. A wide array of designs and styles are there in the market to choose from. So buy them and enhance the space as well as visual appeal of your small kitchen.

Organize the space well and be comfortable while working in your lovely kitchen. Personally, I don’t like messed up kitchens with chopped veggies on the island, used utensils in the sink, appliances spread here and there and dirty kitchen counter.

Despite the small kitchen, you won’t feel like you have a small kitchen. Let’s slot in some pioneering space savers in your kitchen to make it look enhanced and big even when it’s not.

Think About Space Ideas

Before moving onto buying any space saver, take a look at your kitchen first. Check the areas and surfaces which need savers. Often, people are muddled up with working areas, especially when they have lots of appliances to keep. All the kitchen space goes away in keeping the items and there is no room left for cooking counter. So give it a thought and save your money and of course, heartache.

Kitchen Cabinets

Cabinets occupy much space in the kitchen. What you can do is go for small cabinets with pull out drawers and dividers to save space as well as pack up enough items. Your kitchen utensils and appliances will go in the cabinet thus giving you enough space for other things. Be smart and choose the cabinet wisely.

Be organized with the kitchen cabinet and keep spoons, knife, bowls, plates and forks etc. categorically. Make a separate section for storage boxes, it would be easy for you to find them during the meals.

Every cabinet is featured with nice drawer to hold heavy utensils like tea-pots, frying pans, bone-china crockery or cookware etc. due to their weight.

Storage Containers

Storage containers are the life of every kitchen. They contribute a lot in space saving and keeping your kitchen look tidy and hygienic. Available in exciting colours and designs, storage containers do offer a lot of convenience in storing food. A chunk of items like biscuits, vegetables and cereals take space in kitchen and with storage containers, all your ducks will be in a row.

Furthermore, food don’t lose its taste and keep away from putrefaction as well. So guys, now say goodbye to plastic bags and welcome storage containers in your kitchen. Be safe, be healthy and be a smart household.

A variety of containers designed of various sizes can be found in the market. Though they are convenient and space savers, you cannot expect them to be extremely cheap in price. Know the size of the area where you want to place them and buy accordingly. Fits well for every type of drawer, they are easy to manage as well.

Sink Area

One of the most used areas of every kitchen is sink area. It has a standard size for every kitchen. But what you do is to save the space, keep the chopping board and condiment holders on the rim.

Besides giving you enough space for washing, it also holds the chopping board nicely which is supposed to take the space in your cabinet, otherwise. Don’t think that it will make the sink area look over-occupied as the board will fit perfectly onto it. They look like a part of that area and beautifully get snugged there only.

And what a genius idea is this!! You can wash them immediately after use and then again put them back on the rim. No need to open the drawer, no nothing. Just pick and place…

Built-in Appliances

Though built in appliances look great in a kitchen, they are an amazing space savers too. You can have your microwave and oven built into the same unit area to save excess space. Other than fridges, washing machines and dishwashers, built-in kitchen appliances contribute greatly in space saving.

It is always possible to have the appliances like cooktops up and running on the work surfaces. Moreover, it becomes easy to manage space when you don’t have to move the items over and over to free up the space. They are just fixed, fixed and fixed!! Just cook meals and clean the counter. No stress of clearing the space, no extra effort to wash the appliance.

Pot or Cup Racks

Last on my list is pot or cup racks. I use them a lot and they are my favourite kitchen space savers. Racks can be hooked anywhere in the kitchen or you can also place them at the counter side. Keeping the pots or cups in a drawer will occupy a lot more space whereas hanging them on a rack will save space. A huge array of racks are there to choose from like half circle rack, wall rack, ceiling rack, shelf racks, oval square rack and much more which you feel is perfect for you.

Just check the space of your kitchen and then make a smart purchase. Factors to be considered are kitchen space, strength of ceiling or wall, number of rack hooks and number of shelves, to name a few.

Don’t place the rack near the cooking range as it will draw grease or oil towards it and lose its beauty and charm.


So people, this was all about kitchen space savers. So go ahead and decide which saver suits your kitchen best. Install them all or few for your next kitchen and enjoy preparing luscious meals then. Planning is always a good idea. Make your kitchen look spacious and enhanced.