How To Use Meat Slicer Safely
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Here’s how To Use Meat Slicer Safely!

Meat slicer is a device that is used to slice meat and cheese to the thickness and size required. It is built with a very sharp blade that rotates at higher speeds while cutting meat because meat is quite thick to be handled by knife.

Previously, meat slicer was used only by professional or commercial meat shops but now with increasing demand of meat at home is giving a huge push to meat slicers for house use also. Chopping meat requires a lot of labor work so homeowners have realized the benefits of the slicer.

Meat slicers operate with electricity and because the blade is too sharp that rotates speedily, you have to take some precautions while using it because it can cause serious injuries to your body if come in contact with. Let’s follow some instructions for safe working:

Read The Instructions

  • If it’s the first time you are using a meat slicer, you must read the instructions first and understand them all. If in doubt, ask your co-worker or any other member whom you think can teach you properly. Ask them to operate it and you see how they are handling the tool
  • Always try to use the slicer in presence of some expert worker or some supervisor if you are a beginner in it. It will save you from any type of injury as the other person will be having control over you.

Keep Focus

  • To avoid accidents or injuries, be focused while using the meat slicer and never talk to anybody when you are chopping meat. Because the blade is too fast, it can chop off your fingers if come in contact with.
  • Keep your focus on the task you are doing and avoid looking here and there and don’t indulge in any conversation. Keep your hand on the task unless you don’t get it done completely.
  • People met with major accidents due to their lost focus. So keeping your mind and hands on the slicer is very important.

Clutter Free Area

  • Mess or clutter is not a good thing where you are going to cut meat. Keep the area around you clean and clutter free before using the meat slicer. No obstacles around and no accidents!! This way the whole operation will be much safer and quicker.

Wear Gloves

  • If not too much to ask you, wear cut resistant gloves because they keep your hands safe and cut-free from the meat slicer. As recommended in the instruction manual, buy gloves and wear them. Or if your co-worker has suggested you some, consider buying those.

Holding The Meat

  • Make sure to have the cutting surface flat and hold the meat intact on it to avoid any slip-offs or falls. If the meat will slip off your hands, the slicer will cause injury because you will be distracted from the task undergoing.
  • If in case, the meat or cheese slips off or fall down, you must switch off the slicer first before picking the fallen items. Remember this thing always while operating the slicer.

Don’t Use Hands To Push Meat

  • I do said to wear gloves but it doesn’t allow you to use your hands everywhere. Never push the meat using your hands even if they are protected by gloves. Always use the food pusher to push the cheese or meat to the slicer.

Never Go Across The Slicer

  • If you need anything from the other side of slicer, turn off the slicer first and then reach across it. Turn it off before walking around under any circumstances or else you will meet with an injury for sure.

Unplug The Slicer And Lock The Blade When Not In Use

  • Make sure to lock the blade of the slicer or unplug it when you are done with the cutting or not using it. Keeping it with plug on is very risky as anyone can turn it on to have serious injury.
  • If not someone then you also can start it accidentally. Move the blade to “zero” or lock position to avoid accidents.

Clean It Carefully

  • Turn it off, unplug it and lock the blade. These are perquisites before cleaning the meat slicer. All you need to do is wash the removable parts in the dishwasher using some soap. After cleaning, take out all the parts immediately from there as somebody may get his hand cut any part is left there, by chance. Blade or any other sharp component can prove to be risky.

Don’t Meddle With The Switch

  • Never try to mess up with the safety switch of the meat slicer as it is a very important component. Modifying it due to any reason can cause critical injury to you or your family or people in your surrounding area.

How to Use a Meat Slicer

How to use a meat slicer
How to use a meat slicer
  • Before using the slicer, check that it is in manual mode always.
  • Rotate the black knob featured on the front of the slicer and then adjust the blade thickness. Next, plug in the tool and start working.
  • ​Any piece of meat or cheese which needs to be chopped must be kept in place securely and the weight handle be used to apply pressure on it.
  • ​To hold the slicer perfectly, don’t forget to adjust the diagonal plate first.
  • ​When you are all set to chop the meat or cheese, ensure that the black lever and speed selector knob is in manual position and low speed mode respectively. Then, move the weight handle and start the slicing process by cutting one piece at a time. Don’t rush with the cutting but check the first slice if it is perfectly chopped for the desired thickness
  • ​If not satisfied with the thickness, choose the automatic slicing option when you see the desired cut has been reached. You can choose this option by rotating the lever in the right direction to go into automatic position while keeping the speed selector in low position
  • Press start button to start the slicing and stop button to stop it.

So this is all about the meat slicer. I hope you will get to know the basic skills of operating it soon.