How To Plan Your Kitchen Design And Installation In Easy Steps

Kitchen, a place where you sit for hours and spend most of the time in a whole day. A place where you go in the morning, in evening, at night and any time to have chit-chat and your much-loved meals. Having a hot cup of coffee with your family members sitting in the kitchen is just so amazing. No matter how much time you spend there, it serves you 24*7.

Most of us just go in the kitchen to take meal whereas others pop up and sit there for hours. You can spend a good time there in the kitchen while cooking, drinking, eating and sitting.

Coming to the topic, let us today discuss about kitchen space planning in detail. So guys, basically kitchen planning takes four factors into account i.e. cooking, food preparation, eating and storing the food. A kitchen whether large or small, has to keep a check on these factors for proper space allocation. Personally, my kitchen is the heart of my house and despite of it being small, I have divided the space incredibly for all the functional areas.

Your hygiene level is tested through your kitchen habits of cooking, storing and how you sort the garbage out!! And this is only possible if you have effective kitchen space planning.

Be planned and here you go!!

Start planning kitchen space by dividing zones for diverse tasks. The list includes cooking zone, washing zone and storing zone.
For cooking zone, you should have enough space for hob. And for easy cleaning, place the hob near the washing area. But beware of electric shocks. Then you must have the working counter placed between the sink and hob, intact. Since the hob area has to bear heat of hot plates and sharp objects, it should be strong.
Next for washing area, make sure that it has enough space to work on. You can incorporate some space to keep chopping boards and cooking utensils on the rim. One, it will save space in the cabinet and second, you will have easy access to these items.

Last in the list is storage zone. Allocate enough space for storage to keep unused food for next day. Refrigerator is a perfect option for storage. Both dry and other food items goes in the fridge.
Let’s study in detail how you can do effectual space planning:

Food Preparation Area:

We will start first with food preparation or cooking area. If you have an interior designer in hand, ask for his help. Don’t let this area muddled up with too many items to create a mess out of it. Proper planning will do the deal. Make sure that cooking area doesn’t look poky, poky!! It should have easy space to make you move items here and there in hassle-free manner.

Working Counter:

Quite used area in the kitchen is working counter. Here you need to chop vegetables, place food, keep sugar and tea jars and much more. Since this area gives you faster access to the things which you need, you should try to allocate more space here while you plan. When cooking, you don’t have this much time to go here and there to collect items. All what you want is everything under your hands. Guys, rolling islands are an impeccable deal in your kitchen space planning. Though they act as a working space, you can use them for storage purpose as well.

Storage Space:

Not to forget space in every kitchen. When drafting a blueprint of your kitchen, it’s quite essential that you keep some storage space as well. Don’t fret!! To your surprise, marvellous cabinets and drawers have made space in the market to place in the kitchen. They are handy and portable to carry. You can move them wherever you want to!!
Usually, people are seen too concerned about the storage spaces in kitchens. So now when we have cabinets, I think you are feeling much relaxed. Aren’t you? Just roll out the drawers to keep appliances, pots, toasters, pans and dishes, all in one place…

Utensils and Appliances:

Heart of every kitchen!! Without these, no kitchen can work. They are the functional items of your kitchen without which you cannot even cook. In this modern world, appliances like ovens, microwave and fridges are primary things. Plan the kitchen’s space so nicely that even your small kitchen can hold these things flawlessly, in particular.

Types of Kitchen Shapes

Kitchen shape is also a staple part to be considered while your kitchen space planning. They decide how your kitchen will look like and how much space would be allocated to which area. Let’s have a look:
L-shape kitchen: As the name suggests, it looks like L. Popular among households, this type of kitchen looks just great with nice design and proper planning. Kitchen doesn’t look cramped and everything including cabinets, work area and dining space flows impeccably with the design.
U-shape kitchen: Such kitchens are designed with three walls.

How to Plan Kitchen Space

Designing a kitchen needs a lot of time and money too. It actually is an interesting challenge and you have to have a creative mind while space planning.
The matter of concern is not only space planning, but cleanliness and functionality also do matters. Your kitchen should look attractive and functional. Are you a food buff? Do you love cooking? Yes? Then your kitchen should be more functional than designer. I just don’t mean that go for an extremely boring kitchen.
Effective kitchen space planning cut shorts your waste areas and make them useful for you. Everyone wants to have a comfortable kitchen to work in, so do good planning and make the most out of your kitchen.
If you have any plans to refurbish your kitchen, I would rather say to hire some interior designer to crack the deal. And if you ask me, do proper planning, choose nice floor tile, buy spacious cabinets and give a deep thought on the kitchen concept. And here you go!!

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