How To Make The Most Out Of Your Small Kitchen
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Here’s How To Make The Most Out Of Your Small Kitchen!

Do you feel frustrated with small kitchen space? It may be impossible for you to think that you can make the most out of your small area. But it is true!! Yes, you can make your small kitchen fully functional. I know it’s tough to do that, but not impossible at all… Enhancing small kitchens is a challenge both in terms of visual appeal and functionality.

No denying to the fact that the kitchens are the most cluttered spaces in a house, but they can be made beautiful and functional with little management. If you are looking forward to the effective kitchen space allocation, then you must read the steps which I am going to mention below. This way, you can get a less-messy kitchen and make your kitchen organized in every manner.

These steps work for already built kitchens as well as to-be-constructed kitchens. You should definitely remodel your kitchen to give it an appealing look. Let’s get started with the steps to convert your messy kitchen to tidy one.

Take a look at these tips as they are the baby steps for a great looking kitchen with proper allocated space:

Space Organization

How To Make The Most Out Of Your Small Kitchen
How To Make The Most Out Of Your Small Kitchen

Usually, kitchens are designed in a haphazard manner and after the construction, we realize that too many flaws are there. Sometimes, no provision for storage has been made or no plugs are there to supply electricity. It is not with you only, it’s with most of the people out there. Am I right? Yes, then go ahead and make a proper list of all the things your kitchens must accommodate. Once done with the list, you should think of wise kitchen space allocation. Let’s see the functionalities which must be there in a kitchen whether small or large:

• Nice cooking area
• Arrangement of bulk food preparation
• Refrigerating facility or dry storage area
• Utensil and pans storage
• Clean washing or sink area
• Garbage repositories are must
• Sufficient aisle space to walk around freely
• Proper electricity supply

These are some of the must-haves in a kitchen. So make sure that while kitchen space allocation, every above function gets enough space. It would be good for you as you have to spend time in kitchen and a dis-organized kitchen never serves you well. Additionally, allocation should be balanced so that one function doesn’t get affected at the cost of another. What happens is cooking area gets the whole attention and rest of the functions get overlooked. So don’t do that and be fair in your space allocation!!

Select Right Equipment for your Kitchen

I would say you to buy right type of equipment to compliment the size of your kitchen. In order to buy the right size and type of equipment, you must check the area which you have allocated for this purpose. Then make your purchase depending upon that. Having a small kitchen makes you to buy handy and compact appliances or utensils so that you can effectively manage them without any hassle. Next, the major problem with all the households is that while preparing food for two persons, they make use of really a big equipment. It’s not recommended. Be compact with your choice!! If you will choose a big equipment, obviously it will occupy more space in your sink and the kitchen will look muddled up. So avoid doing that and act smart while choosing any equipment.

Allocate Enough Space for Waste Items

Ensure sufficient kitchen space allocation for the garbage area. Usually, with small kitchens, what people do is allocate space to every other area but overshadow the garbage space. And then what happens is, the bins get in your way in the aisle and makes your kitchen look dirty. Kitchen is a space which generates a lot of waste material, so don’t overlook this area. Allocate enough space to the bins and keep your kitchen clean and hygienic.

Allocate Sufficient Work Space

Check whether you have too many equipment placed in a small space. Allocate enough space to the working area as it will make it easy for you to prepare food and chop vegetables. And if you have guests at your place, adequate work space makes you to handle the large gatherings efficiently. For maximum efficiency, you can construct two brick shelves over the work counter to keep dry ingredients and any other things which you usually need to cook food. Don’t panic and consume the space wisely.

Allocate Enough Area for Refrigerator

Do you have enough space to keep refrigerator in your kitchen? If not, then make sure you allocate enough space to this area as it is very crucial to store left-over food, milk, curd, any ingredients or chopped vegetables. If your kitchen cannot accommodate a refrigerator, go for refrigerated drawers to save extra space occupancy. You must have heard about work tables having refrigerated bases. They are a perfect option to store things as well as preparation of food, more of like kitchen islands.

Useful Equipment Plan

Make sure that your kitchen door or any equipment (microwave, over or anything else) doors don’t get in your way. Obviously, you need to pull out or open the door to use the equipment, and if it hits anyone while opening then it’s not a good choice. While planning kitchen space allocation, make sure that all the doors are in full swing without bothering anyone. It will prevent any type of accidents and keep the kitchen safe.

Be Smart in Your Planning – Focus on Budget

While, good kitchen is everyone’s fantasy but you cannot go out of your budget. Take wise and smart decisions while buying things for your kitchen. If, for any equipment, you don’t have enough budget, I would say to leave it for the time being and spend on other important items. Just stick to your given budget and make your kitchen look uncluttered and organized. Only then you will be called as a smart household.

I don’t think implementing these steps is a big deal. Have a good day!!