How To Easily Prepare Luscious Brewed Coffee

Cold coffee is an ultimate treat and it has been associated with reputed coffee chains. Lots of whipped cream to syrups to caramels to coffee enhancements, it is a delight to have in summers. On my trip to New York, I got introduced to cold brewed coffee in a refined manner and then I got to know what exactly the magic of coffee is.

It’s not a joke to spend time in New York when summers are at its peak. And for the people residing in New York, cold coffee is a lifeline.

When I had coffee there, it was a simple coffee poured over ice. Plus, it was not expensive at all. I sipped in deliciously and went on from there. The next day, I went to some café to have some pastries and all. And I saw their menu in which it was written “Cold brewed coffee”. I thought of trying it. I ordered it and it was truly luscious. Rich in flavour and sweet…

Then I asked someone about how to make cold brewed coffee. It is a process in which grounded coffee is steeped in cold water and then filtered. A couple of methods are there to make cold brewed coffee. It can be as strong as you want. It depends upon your taste. Cold brew takes time to expel its aroma and flavour so that is the reason why it is sweeter. Plus, cold brew can be served with ice as well in scorching summers. It is quite an easy method to prepare cold brewed coffee. And it is my favourite too.

All you need to do is mix grounded coffee and cold water together and then leave it overnight. The amount of ingredients can vary depending upon your taste whether you want to sip strong coffee, sweet coffee or weak coffee. Keeping the amount of coffee grounds in large quantity gives you strong cup of cold brewed coffee.

Let’s get started with preparing cold brew at home. I will mention two methods of making cold brewed coffee today. Here they are:

Method 1

  • First tab
  • Second tab
  • Third tab
  • Pour the mixture over ice, sugar and milk.
  • Here you nailed it!! Your cold brewed coffee is all set to give your taste buds an ultimate delight. You can freeze the mixture for a month as it has low acidity.
  • And to your surprise, it can be served hot as well when mixed with boiling water. So let’s enjoy the sweet and flavoured taste of cold brewed coffee.

Method 2

This is another method of making cold brewed coffee at home. While most of the steps are quite similar to the above method, you will see the difference in the basic steps. Read on:

  • First tab
  • Second tab
  • Third tab
  • Best coffee is made when coffee beans are used. Buy premium quality beans that are roasted. You can do it yourself but its better if you buy already roasted ones. Then grind the coffee beans to get fresh and yummy taste in cold brew.
  • Take out your French press coffee maker to brew your coffee in. If you want to make the most out of your coffee, use a glass container as it will prevent the aroma and flavour of the coffee to get discharged.
  • For each cup of water, one ounce of coffee is required. Check how much amount of water your French press can hold. Use more coffee to have strong coffee. It’s your choice.

So this is all about how to prepare cold brewed coffee. Keep it in the fridge for future use but make sure that the container is covered. Have a good day!!


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