What To Do With Old Coffee Beans.
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Coffee beans are used widely by many people all over the world. Some beans go stale with time or not much good as they ought to be. Thus, you can use them for other purposes whether whole beans or grounded. Check out this compiled list of the uses of old coffee beans and utilize the leftovers. Isn’t it cool to use the leftovers for a constructive purpose?

Helpful in Garden

Coffee beans are a great soil fixer that can be added to the soil. Trees like blackberry and blueberry get benefited with coffee beans when sprinkled on the roots.

Beauty Help

Beauty and coffee
Beauty and coffee


Use coffee beans if you are fond of handmade soaps, lotions, scrubs, exfoliating masks or lip balms. Though coffee has a rich flavour and scent, it is used in cosmetic products. Also it is a great exfoliater that can be mixed with olive oil to work as anti-cellulite rub. Like drinking coffee is beneficial the same way it is good to work as beauty aid.

Mosquito Repellent

Insects don’t actually like the strong smell of coffee so it can be used as a perfect critter repellent. Coffee beans are non-toxic way of reducing the entrance of mosquitoes or small insects. Sprinkling coffee grounds near the ants’ hill kick them away and cats also move to another place if they smell coffee down there.

Fight with Bad Odour

Garlic, onion or meat smell on the hands bothers me a lot and so I rub some old coffee beans on my hands. It makes me feel good and the smell goes away instantly because coffee soaks up the odour and gives a pleasant aroma.

fight bad odor
fight bad odor


Good Cleaning Agent

Coffee beans have a mild abrasive quality that makes it a perfect cleaning agent and stainer too. To clean the grease from the cloth, use coffee grounds as it will cut the grease from that area. Also, coffee is a good stainer that draws nice beautiful patterns and work as an artwork. Try designing on the old walls using coffee beans in different ways

Kick Off Fleas

Pets have a common issue of fleas on their body. So if your pets too have this problem, take some coffee beans or grounds and rub on their fur. It will keep the fleas away from your beloved pets’ body as well as the pet odour will also be reduced.

Flies in dogs
Flies in dogs

Reduces Stink

Stinking make you feel giddy and unpleasant. So to reduce the stink, consider using old coffee beans. All you need to do is spread some beans in that particular area or take a jar and put some beans. Place the jar in that area with lid open and it will soak up the bad smell or stink significantly. Now the place will smell pleasant after a couple of hours when you will come next. Don’t you think that coffee beans are a good utilization?

Coffee powder
Coffee powder

Get Rid of Fridge Odour

Ahhh!! It is so annoying to smell that bad foul of rotten veggies or spoiled milk when you open the door of your fridge. Wouldn’t it be better to smell coffee rather than these? Take a bowl, add some coffee beans in it, place the bowl in the fridge and smell a good aroma whenever you open the door now. Prepare a luscious cup of coffee and take it to break the monotony. This trick works well for almost all types of bad odours. Just keep a bowl or seal the bag filled with coffee beans and place it for few days in the particular stinking area.

Prepare Cellulite

You must have seen that cellulite creams have coffee in it. So make your own cellulite at home and say goodbye to these pricey creams. Mix used coffee beans or grounds in some coconut oil. Apply the mixture on your skin and rub in circular motions. Do it for few minutes and then rinse off with water.

Prepare cellulite
Prepare cellulite

Skin Exfoliator

Coffee has the properties to exfoliate your skin and giving it a tight look. Make a coffee based scrub at home by just adding some coffee grounds with olive or virgin oil or a drop or two of essential oil. This coffee scrub will remove the dead skin cells giving you a youthful and beautiful look.

Added in Compost

Gardeners confess using coffee beans or grounds in the compost because it makes it rich. Coffee beans are rich in copper, phosphorus, magnesium and potassium that when added in the soil releases nitrogen. If it works great, you can utilize used beans for making the soil rich. If not, take some from a local coffee shop for free. Obviously, they will not charge for used beans!!

Glittery Hair

Glittery hair
Glittery hair

All of us want glittery and healthy looking hair, don’t you? Coffee works wonders on your hair to make it look glossy and polished naturally. So use coffee grounds by letting the beans cool and then applying it on your dry hair. Let it rest on for 20-25 minutes before rinsing the hair off. Do it once every week to see beneficial results.

Natural Dye

Coffee is a natural dye as it has pigments. Paper, fabric or hair gets naturally dyed with the use of coffee. Soak fabric in the hot coffee to get rid of stains but make sure that you don’t wash that particular cloth with other clothes as the color may bleed out.

Repair Furniture Scratches

Rub some coffee mixed with water on the scratched furniture and see instant results. Wood scratched gets disappeared by mixing coffee with hot water. Go for it guys.

Air Freshener

Coffee beans have a nice aroma that makes the air smell good and pleasant. If next time the coffee beans spill on the ground, don’t pick them up or broom them as they make a natural air freshener. Make your house eco-friendly and strong smelling.

Air freshener
Air freshener

Now when there are so many uses of coffee beans, you must not throw them out at all. Avail the most out of the coffee beans or grounds by following these ways!!