8 Easy Ways To Make Coffee While Camping
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Here’s 8 Easy Ways To Make Coffee While Camping!

Camping is not an easy task, of course. There was a time when I was not so much into this camping thing. But now I am quite fond of!! There is nothing more relaxing than sitting near the bonfire early in the morning and watching the rising sun. It feels so relaxing and quiet. And do you know what can be done to make this whole scene even more serene? It’s a delicious cup of coffee.

But do you know how to make good coffee while camping? After all, you cannot carry your kitchen with you on camp. Then how will you make it?? There are eight ways by which you can prepare your own coffee cup even on camp. Set up your tent and sit quietly near the campfire holding the coffee cup in your hands. Let’s see these interesting and easy methods:

Cowboy Way

Let’s make coffee in cowboy way. It is quite a simple method you need to follow to prepare a good cup of coffee. You need a pot to tamp it with water. Put coffee grounds to it and keep the pot on campfire. Once it gets hot enough, remove the pot and let it cool.

   Don’t touch the pot with your hands or else your fingers will burn. Remove it with the help of a cloth. The coffee will sit back at the bottom and here you crack the deal. Your coffee is ready!!

Coleman Camping Coffee Maker

   It’s a drip coffee which is actually an ultimate delight for the coffee lovers. All you need is Coleman stove for this coffee maker to work like a normal maker.

   It adds to your luggage weight so it’s your choice whether to carry or not. Think of this factor first before taking drip coffee maker along with in the camp


   In Percolator method, you need a basket unlike the cowboy method where a pot is required to make coffee. In this, the coffee grounds are poured on the basket so there are negligible chances of coffee getting burnt or bitter due to the direct heat.

   Cleaning is also easy. The small pipe gets raised when water starts boiling and you have to press the percolator button. When you hit the button, the water drips passing through the coffee and falls into the basket. Coffee is ready. TA-DA!

One Cup Filter

   One cup filter is in your service if you are a camping freak and don’t like carrying too much weight with you. It is a lightweight maker which is beautifully designed of plastic.

   Plus, it has a mesh which makes it easy and lightweight to carry and fits nicely into your bag. What you have to do is put this maker on your coffee mug and pour water through it. And your coffee is there for you after the water gets drained into the mug.

Just A Filter

   While your camping gear, this one is a perfect choice for you. Quite lightweight and designed ergonomically, this product gets submerged in the water until the coffee is done.

   It has the ability to make a great cup of luscious coffee in less time. So don’t waste time now and make you’re brewing needs perfect when you are out somewhere.

French Press

  French press is a common and most used methods of preparing coffee which almost every coffee enthusiast uses. It is said to be the best way of making coffee during camp. A lightweight and small product, French press is a good choice to carry along.

   Make sure you carry grounded coffee or else French press is of no use. All you need to do is boil the water and put it in the French press. Then add coffee to the water and let it blend well till your liked coffee strength. Then press it down and jerk away the coffee grounds to sit at the bottom. READY!

Instant Coffee

   When you are running short of time and resources, this way works best. It is the last method in my list as I personally avoid making coffee this way. But no worries when you don’t have any other option!!

  You just need to heat the water and add coffee to it. Stir it well and your coffee is ready to sip. Instant coffee making makes the coffee weak and you don’t feel that way while drinking. But when no option is there, choose this one. It can be a good way to enjoy campfire and sunrise


I hope you enjoyed reading these methods of preparing coffee while camping. Just because you have fewer resources to make coffee, you don’t need to crave for it. All the above mentioned methods are super hit to sip coffee while you are on camp. Plus, they are quite easy and lightweight to carry. And you can keep them in your bag due to their small size.

Really, nothing fancies me than sitting in nature’s lap and enjoying the quite surroundings away from that boring and hectic schedule. And that too with your favourite drink i.e. coffee…

So let’s start the camp. And don’t forget carrying one of the above products to brew a cup of coffee at your own. Enjoy your day.