Innovative Touch To Your Kitchen Desk Space
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Here’s How To Add Innovative Touch To Your Kitchen Desk Space!

Countertops hold a significant place in every kitchen and often called by different names. These include benchtop, worktop, desk space, working counter and work surface etc. In kitchens, countertops are famous with the name of desk space and working counter. Today, I would like to tell you about the most popular material in countertops. Let’s dig deep into the topic below:


Granite is formed from the igneous rock which is further formed from the solidification and slow crystallization of magma under the earth’s crust. Tiny amounts of other materials like minerals are used in its formation.

Quartz and feldspar is also used, combination of which produces granite in various colors like red, grey, white and pink. Additionally, granite has dark mineral grains which are clearly visible from every color. And it is the most popular property of granite which attracts the households to build granite desk or worktop in the kitchens​.


Laminate is also known as composite material and basically manufactured from diverse items in numerous layers. This material is powerful, strong and visually appealing. The finishing of this material is super awesome. Such material undergoes strong heat, pressure, adhesives and welding to get manufactured with nice finish.

I personally have laminate in my kitchen desk as I just love it. Just a single wipe of cloth and it looks clean and clear. You can go for rich colors or patterns like rock patterns, solid pattern, mid-century patterns and rusted metal etc. whichever suits your kitchen décor. Moreover, laminate is durable and look stylish as well.


Since ancient times, quartz has been used. It can also be called as silicon dioxide, a chemical compound.

Quartz is a mineral found in bountiful quantity under earth’s layer and this material is quite popular as granite. Use either granite or quartz for your kitchen desk space​

​Solid Surface

Unlike other natural materials, this one is man made. Comprising of acrylic, bauxite, pigments, marble dust and polyester resins etc. this material is perfect to make flawless surface. You can use this material anywhere in your home like kitchen, bathrooms, floors, walls and desk spaces.

Get your kitchen desk space constructed with this material as it can be used in a variety of shapes. Furthermore, less maintenance is required by this material so go for it and relish your kitchen desk space for years.

​Recycled Material

As the name suggests, desk spaces are made from a combination of wood, paper, recycled glass and marmoleum etc. It is a non-toxic material and hundreds of colors can be found in this to enhance the desk space of your kitchen. It looks natural as well due to its linoleum flooring made from the mixture of above items.

Countertops or desks are constructed keeping durability in mind. You can choose any material in a huge range of colors and textures. Just think that what material would go perfectly with your kitchen and then take your final decision.

Guys, apart from the material, you can add an exciting definition to your kitchen desk space by putting innovative bent of mind. No denying to the fact that people go for traditional counters, but you can think creative and make the whole kitchen pop up beautifully.​


Think creative and get something creative. Consider adding a backsplash or inlay featured with a symbol of your family name. Or you can add mirrors, beads, or tiles in the area between the desk and kitchen cabinet. The most interesting inlay would be to add a photoluminescence. It will glow in the dark and make the kitchen desk space look awesome. I guess no one has yet injected such an idea. So be stylish and go for it.

​Implanted Objects

Another interesting idea would be to add glass splashes throughout on the countertop. While fabricating kitchen desk space, this idea is great as it adds a unique and remarkable touch to the whole surroundings. Other than glass, you can also consider metal, colored glass, gems, stones, tiles, fossils and shells etc.

After adding these beautiful pieces, the manufacturer designs the desk by grinding the mixture carefully thus making a finished product. WOW, it’s amazing!! The desk shows stunning glimpse of the embedded item to lend a perfect look.

Strange Edges

Go for some unusual edges of the desk or top and say goodbye to those traditional boring straight edges. Consider wavy, curly, twisted or any other shape for the edges and make them look somewhat exceptional than others.

For more style, go for freeform edges as they attract your guests due to the beautiful shapes and obviously, give an enhanced look to your kitchen.

State-of-the-art Design

Kitchen desk space is a highly important area of every kitchen. Here you need to chop vegetables, cook food and place some routine ingredients. So first of all, desk should be un-cluttered to avoid unhygienic activity.

Next, it should look designer so that you feel good while working on it. What you can do is add nice features and designing on it by adding a drawer under it and get easy access to routine items. Drawer gives functionality as well as add appeal.

Next, add a charging station, built-in TV or plasma channel and sound system in the kitchen. Lastly, if you less space, go for adjustable desk to reduce clutter.

Finished Desk

If you don’t want to spend too much time on customizing desk space, a very good alternative is there. From the mentioned materials, pick any of your choice. Glossy, matte, embossed and satin finish is available in these so choose among them and make your kitchen desk space look dazzling.


It’s a myth that only big kitchens can have this type of décor. People having small kitchens can also do it easily and that too without budget. Everyone wants to add special designing and you are no less than anyone. Just give it a go and lend an incredible touch to your kitchen desk space.