How To Easily Prepare French Press Coffee
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Here’s How To Easily Prepare French Press Coffee!

No coffee maker can beat the French press coffee maker. It is a stylish coffee maker especially designed to bring out the rich flavours of coffee. Not only does it let the coffee grounds to get blend in the water, it also makes a thicker and scrumptious cup of coffee. The flavours and aroma of the coffee which otherwise get caught in the coffee makers, French press retains them perfectly. If you own a French press, take it out and enjoy freshly made coffee. Let’s dig deep into the topic and know how to use French press to make coffee:

Method 1: Collect your Supplies

Buy Right Type of Beans

Grocery stores are flooded with coffee beans, but you have to buy the best and quality beans. If you want to enjoy strong coffee, go for light roasted coffee beans. It’s a myth that dark roast beans make strong coffee. The more the beans are roasted, the less the coffee is strong. It is because the beans that are roasted too much loses their natural flavours. So buy light roast beans as they are sweeter than dark roasted ones.

The beans need to be coarsely ground. Espresso coffee requires finely grounded coffee but it is not the case with French press coffee. Coffee beans need to be grounded to the sand consistency.

Use fresh beans always regardless of the method you are using to make coffee. Old beans give a bad flavour to the coffee so try to grind the beans immediately before making the coffee.

Take out your French Press

Take out the French press coffee maker. It is a coffee pot made of glass cylinder in which a filter is attached to the handle on the lid. The coffee grounds get settled at the bottom after placing the filter on the top. Next, add hot water. Some people say that coffee grounds come in the coffee and it happens because the coffee is too fine to get in the water through the filter.

Get a Good Grinder

To make coffee in French press, good grinder is must. Buy a good quality conical burr grinder as it has the tendency to grind the beans perfectly and taking out the true aroma.

Collect other Things

Add boiled water, sweetener, honey, caramel and sugar in the coffee. Or you can also add some chocolate syrup and cream to the coffee. Mix these ingredients well relish your luscious cup of coffee.

Method 2: Brew Coffee with French Press

Preheat the Coffee Press

The coffee press is made of glass so it is better to run your press under warm water. Don’t pour boiling water directly in the press as it can break the glass.

Grind the Coffee

Grind your coffee before brewing it to extract out the best flavours and aroma of the coffee beans. For one cup of coffee, one tbsp. of coffee ground is enough. For more cups, add more tbsp. of coffee grounds. Boil the water in another pot while you are grinding the coffee beans. Suggested temperature of French press coffee is around 195-200 degrees F.

Add Coffee

Add coffee in the press taking off its lid. For this, you need to remove the plunger.

Add Water

When coffee grounds settle at the bottom, it’s the time to add water over the coffee. Pour one cup water and lift the plunger up. Stir the coffee with water as it will extract the flavour of coffee in the boiling water.

Let it Steep

Leave the plunger with press and let the coffee blend with water. 3-4 minutes is the suggested time for steeping.


Here you go with the French press coffee. Press down the plunger and let the grounds separate from water. Don’t press it too hard or else the coffee grounds will get mixed up or sloshed. Pour the coffee in a cup and enjoy it.

Method 3: Brew Tea with French Press

Tea follows the conventional method but here you will get to know making it using French press.

Choose Tea

Select your tea, any leaf tea would work. Choose large leaves so that they don’t sneaked through the filter or strainer. Or use a tea bag and open it in the French press. If you are using leaves, add 1 tbsp. to every cup of tea. To get the maximum health benefits, use green tea leaves. It keeps you energized and fresh the whole day as it is full of anti-oxidants. White tea is a good option to improve your complexion and health. Plus, it has light and sweet taste.

Choose black tea because it is rich and full of flavours keeping you lively. Herbal tea is also perfect to aid in digestion. Chamomile, lavender and peppermint are some of the popular herbal teas.

Boil the Water

Boil a cup of water in an electric kettle or on a stove. Avoid pouring the boiling water directly into the French press because the glass can break. Keep the water temperature to 200 degree F, in general. Otherwise the temperature depends upon the type of tea you are using i.e. herbal, black, white and green tea.

Put Ingredients

Add the tea leaves at the bottom of the French press and add water as desired. Stir it well and give time to steep.

Wait for Three Minutes

Let the tea rest for three minutes and steep. Leave the plunger on the press before brewing the tea. Don’t go more than 3 minutes as it will make the tea taste bitter.


Here you go!! Your cup of tea is ready. Pour the tea into a royal cup or a mug and relish this lip-smacking treat. You can add extra things like cream, lemon, honey or sugar to get more flavour and taste of the tea.

Well, I hope you got to know how to make coffee or tea in French press maker. Comment in the section below if you have any other method. Stay tuned for more articles on coffee making. Have a good day!!