How to Make Iced Coffee at Home – Easy Steps
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Here’s the easy steps on How to Make Iced Coffee at Home!

I love iced coffee. It’s my life… I just can’t live without having a cup of iced coffee daily. My day starts with iced coffee and it’s been my source of survival for years and years now. A tall glass of fresh creamy iced coffee!! Well, my mouth is watering writing this article for you on how to make iced coffee at home. As I am quite fond of iced coffee, I have to know how to make it because I cannot go out daily to have a cup.

Making iced coffee may seem complicated to some as there are a lot of approaches out there. You may think of pouring brewed coffee over ice and here you go with iced coffee. But it’s not like that. And the major flaw behind this method is that when hot coffee hits the ice, it dilutes the natural aroma of coffee and it doesn’t remain as cold as should be.

Iced coffee must be perfectly frigid. Now you may think of putting brewed coffee in freezer and then take it out to make iced coffee. Okay, this method is somewhat fine. But guys, today I am going to enlighten you with a different method to prepare iced coffee. I tried this method and quite satisfied with the way I prepare iced coffee. I bet that no other method can give you the delicious iced coffee as it can.

Let’s see why this method will give you a rich creamy, smoother and lip-smacking iced coffee:

  • Take a big storage container firstly.
  • Or use a large pitcher or bowl. And if you are going to prepare large quantity, take a clean bucket instead. It will also work.
  • ​Get your hands on pound of ground coffee. I would suggest using stronger and richer coffee to prepare iced coffee as it will make you relish your taste buds
  • Pour in the coffee.​
  • ​Holy bliss!! I am in love with coffee. Whosoever invented coffee should be awarded, of course. Pour 2 gallons cold water in the container or bucket whatsoever you are using.
  • ​Stir the mixture to let coffee blend with water properly.
  • Put a lid on the container and wait for at least 8 hours for the coffee steep in the water.
  • ​Now when 8 hours have passed, pick a separate container and keep a strainer over it.
  • ​Put cheese cloth inside the strainer not to make coffee mixture stick to the sides.
  • Pour the coffee mixture in this container passing through the strainer.
  • It will take some time to pass through the strainer.
  • ​Take a spoon and press the last mixture if it stops getting through the strainer. Make sure you use cheesecloth to filter finer pieces.
  • Now you are supposed to refrigerate this beautiful concentrate. Shift it to some other container if you want to… This much amount is enough to last for 3 weeks to a month if refrigerated properly.

Now it’s the time to prepare iced coffee. You can take a glass and fill it with ice to have iced coffee.

  • Open your fridge and dole out enough amount of coffee liquid in the glass. Fill half of the glass or more as per your desire.
  • Pour skimmed or whole milk in 2% quantity. The amount can vary as per your taste.
  • ​Add some sweetener or sugar to taste. Or you can also mizzle in vanilla or hazelnut syrup to add more taste. The choice of sweetener all depends upon your likability.
  • Stir the mixture and put a straw to sip the iced coffee up.

Here you go with iced coffee at home. WOW!! It’s so delicious. The flavour and aroma is miraculous. I just cannot wait to prepare a cup of iced coffee right at the moment. But before that let me tell you another method to make iced coffee in classic Vietnamese way.

  • Vietnamese iced coffee starts with hot brewed coffee. But we will perform same steps we did before i.e. adding coffee concentrate to a glass of ice.
  • Then add condensed milk. I can feel your mouth is watering!! Isn’t it?
  • ​Such a delicious item condensed milk is and a perfect sweetener too. You need to add 2 tbsp. of condensed milk to one tall glass.
  • ​Next, pour a small amount of milk.
  • Stir the mixture well. Put a straw or take a sip as it is. Add more condensed milk if needed.

Here you go with iced coffee. I have tried a lot of methods to prepare iced coffee. And my personal experience says that the last method is the best. It is an out of the world way to prepare iced coffee without much effort. Making coffee following this method gives a rich and creamy textured coffee which is perfect to make your day wonderful.

Try preparing iced coffee at home and you would not have to go out to some café to satisfy your coffee hunger the next time. The flavour and convenience to prepare iced coffee is commendable.


Other than these methods, you can also try these enhancements to add more flavour to your iced coffee:

  • Add orange peel, orange ice cream, and orange juice to the coffee. It will add taste and unique aroma to your iced coffee. Relish the delicious orange iced coffee.
  • Put fresh raspberries into the glass of chilled iced coffee to add a different flavour to your coffee.
  • Take chilled coffee and add 2 parts Irish cream, some vanilla and 2 parts of vodka to the glass. It is a good recipe for adults.

Bonus Tip

If you want to add sugar as a sweetener in the coffee, then try adding it while coffee is hot. It will make the sugar blend in nicely. And if you are going to follow the first method, then mix sugar in the milk and then pour milk in the coffee.